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Termite Control In Tucson, Arizona

Termites are the quiet killers of households. You might have an infestation for years without knowing it; suddenly, your property has paint stains, creaky floorboards, sagging ceilings, and weakened furniture. Since it takes years before a termite infestation causes noticeable damage, it’s best to schedule regular visits from a pest expert like Peach Pest Co. to make sure your home is safe from these wood-eating invaders.

Our Termite Control Process

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We use two different methods to control termite populations within your household: the bait station method, and the trenching and drilling method.

Bait Stations

The bait station method is especially useful for households that haven’t confirmed they have a termite issue. These bait stations monitor the ground for termite activity. If the bait station monitors don’t sense anything, great! If they do pick up on termite activity, we then switch out these stations for active termite bait, treating the problem accordingly before these pests start damaging your home. This method ensures that termite activity is detected before it becomes destructive, and we renew the stations regularly so that your household can rest easy.

Trenching & Drilling

If you know you have termites on your property because you’ve seen termite damage or termites, themselves, then the trenching and drilling method is a direct solution. This process involves digging a trench around the room or area where termites are undoubtedly nesting. We then pour an eco-friendly termiticide into the trench, killing as much of the colony as possible. For areas we can’t reach by trench, we drill 10-18 inch holes through the soil that the termites are moving through, then treat from there. This process includes wall foaming, if necessary.

Saving Tucson, AZ Households From Termite Damage

Untreated termite colonies can cause thousands of dollars in home damage, weakening your home’s structural foundation, and creating discomfort for the whole family. With our pest-free promise, we guarantee termites won’t ruin your home’s structure. Whether or not you’ve seen signs of termite damage, don’t risk it; contact Peach Pest Co. today, and we’ll make sure your family never has to fix what termites ruin.


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