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Scorpion Control In Tucson, Arizona

Scorpions are no joke for Tucson families; even if they don’t sting you, these poisonous arachnids can wreak psychological damage to your family and household. Luckily, Peach Pest Co. knows how to protect Southern Arizona families and keep these harmful pests at bay.

Our Scorpion Control Process

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Scorpions are some of the most common pests in Arizona, so if they’re hiding around your property, it won’t take long for us to find them. We start with an inspection, examining any space where scorpions are likely to reside, which tend to be areas near moisture or standing water outdoors. In the hot summer months, scorpions like to hide in cool, humid indoor areas, such as bathrooms and basements.

Once we’ve uncovered any problem areas, we go to work right away. First, we remove the pests by using eco-friendly pesticides that won’t hurt your pets, kids, or lawn. Scorpions can be tricky to treat, but you can rest assured that our treatment process will leave your property just as we found it – scorpions not included. Next, we clear the area of what attracted scorpions in the first place, draining any standing water we can and reducing any factors that increase your home’s humidity.

Finally, we reduce as many entry points as possible to keep scorpions out of your house. Our scorpion seals block common crevices that scorpions use to get into your home. We caulk over j-rails, door frames, and garages, close apparent gaps in your foundation or cinder block walls to prevent scorpions from nesting. We even check air ducts and exposed drywall, and we pour a dry dust into electrical outlets.

Depending on the size of your home and the extent of the problem, this process takes 4-8 hours and comes with a one-year warranty on any work we perform. If any issues arise in our scorpion prevention services, or if you experience drooping or sagging from the caulking we use, we come back and fix it – free of charge!

Family Friendly Scorpion Control For Your Tuscon, AZ Home

At Peach Pest Co., family comes first. Our services will never harm the health of your kids or pets, and after you work with us, scorpions won’t harm your family either. Call Peach Pest Co. today, and we’ll treat your scorpion problem right away!


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