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Mosquito Control In Tucson, Arizona

Though the Arizona heat can be intense, the hot summer sun offers Tucson residents tons of outdoor enjoyment. That is, until mosquitoes get involved. One moment you’re kicking a soccer ball, taking a hike, or going for a swim; the next, your arms and legs suddenly itch all over. Mosquitoes are as quiet and relentless as the heat, but luckily, the experts at Peach Pest Co. know just how to deal with them.

Our Mosquito Control Process

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Mosquitoes are everywhere, but they’re more likely to be attracted to your property if it has incentives to stay and nest. When we first arrive at your property, we look for mosquito hotspots. Standing water, puddles, birdbaths, and areas of intense foliage all offer these insects respite and nesting opportunities. We treat these areas with a spray or fog that deters mosquitoes from your property. This eco-friendly treatment won’t hurt your yard; it merely smokes the mosquitoes out.

Additionally, we ensure that mosquitoes stop bothering you for longer by setting up bait stations. These stations attract mosquitoes with a food source, but when they fly in, they can’t fly out. These stations ensure that these pests and their offspring won’t bother you for long, and because of how prolific mosquitoes can be, we usually follow up every four weeks to re-fog the area and check on the bait stations.

Keeping Tucson Families Bug Bite-Free

Our pest-free promise ensures that, with regular maintenance, mosquitoes will stay away from your property. Our process is simple, and it will never affect your kids, pets, or the health of your lawn. Contact Peach Pest Co. today, and we’ll help you say goodbye to pesky mosquito bites, and hello to outdoor fun in the Arizona sun!


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