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Arizona residents come across all kinds of unexpected pests such as scorpions, spiders, cockroaches, termites, rats, and mice, to name a few. You never know what’s lurking around your house; that’s why we offer a premium, bi-monthly home pest control service from the get-go. With no added fees, and no stone unturned, we kick pests out and keep your family safe.


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Our Home Pest Control Process

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We take a holistic approach to pest elimination that works from the outside, in. After we assess the main concerns you have for your household and family, we inspect your home exterior for signs of invasive bug life. After examining the driveway, plant life, and home foundations, we move towards your garage, the eaves of your roof, and any other space where nests and colonies are likely to form.


Our Signature Prizm barrier may not be visible, but creates a very real barrier. 

We start this Barrier from the inside and work our way out. Your entry points and baseboards receive a pet and child-friendly application of a non-staining and non-odorous product. This will push the bugs out and away from your home, as well as act as a last line of defense should unwanted guests make it into your home. Underneath the sinks, and inside garages are key breeding sites, and are focused on. 

All properties receive a thorough, de-webbing service. We do this to clean up the home and inspect problem areas. Following this is our Power Spray Service, we apply a 4 foot foundational barrier to flush out and keep unwanted insects away from the home, but we don’t stop there! We also protect the yard by treating your perimeter wall or fence line, a key breeding zone for scorpions and hotspot for other insects. The third step is applying a granule barrier around your home. We use a variety of granules to not only target scorpions, but also their food source. The final step is a dust application to all the cracks and crevices around your home and yard, sealing it up and keeping those pesky pests away until our next visit.

This five step program comprises our Prizm barrier, and is the absolute most tried and true service available in Southern Arizona. Providing you the best and only true premium service, specifically targeting scorpions. We perform the Prizm Barrier on even our most basic program, the Classic.


As part of our promise to keep families safe, we perform bi-monthly follow-up treatments to ensure your property remains pest-free. Arizona’s wildlife is persistent, and even with the right prevention plan, pests can find their way back. By checking in regularly, and offering all of our clients a pest-free guarantee, we keep your home protected from pests for years to come.

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Follow Up

Our Specialty Pest Control Services

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Here at Peach Pest Co., we provide a number of pest-specific services to ensure your home remains safe from our area's toughest pests. Our specialty services include the following options:

Our Family First Promise

Southern Arizona has so much to offer its families. From a great education system to its emerging arts and industries, The greater Tucson area is one of America’s fastest-growing regions. Why should pests get in the way? Between our certified professionals, environmentally conscious practices, and our bi-monthly checkups, we help make Tucson home to all, without the pricey premiums. Reach out to Peach Pest Co. today!


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